Natura Theme

A beautiful & clean theme for Kirby


Welcome to the Natura theme for Kirby CMS. Be sure to read the documentation, to learn how to get the most out of this theme. You can also check out the example page and example blog to see its capabilities. After purchasing this theme, you may use it on as many Kirby sites as you like. Just remember that Kirby itself requires you buy a license for every site that goes into production.

Buy Theme - $15


I will be happy to provide full support to anyone who purchases this theme. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feature requests, please do not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]. If you're on Twitter, feel free to ping there, @syropian.


Natura was designed to be a very content-focused theme. Here are some of the features it currently ships with.

Customizable Header Photo

You can edit the header photo to be anything you like. Simply log in to your panel, and change the image path in the site settings. It should be a minimum of 1200x400 in size, but aim for a little bigger, if you can.

Beautiful Typography

Let your content shine, with hand-crafted styles for common text formatting. This includes:

Images & Videos

Add images to your pages or articles as full-width, left-aligned, or right-aligned. Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos that will work on any device size. Use the optional figure kirbytext tag to add captions

Image Slideshows

Want to show series of images without taking up too much room? Use the included slideshow kirbytext tag to create a slideshow with multiple images. It's even responsive!

Beautiful Blogging

Natura has been set up to make blogging easy. Simply create a new article page, and add it as a sub-page of your articles page.

Fully Responsive

Natura was designed specifically to work on any device, whether it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Kirby Panel Included

The Kirby Panel has been included by default, to make it easy for you to start creating your content. If you need further help setting up your account, or any other problems, refer to the Kirby Panel documentation.

Kirby CMS

Please note, to use Kirby CMS in a production environment, you must purchase a license for each site you use it for. However, you only need to buy this theme once, and you may use it on as many sites as you'd like.